Initial Application Assessment Form

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Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Degree
Two years or more work experience in managerial role
Personal Statement Why do you want to attend the programme? Max 300 words
IELTS may be required at a minimum of 6 or equivalent.
Two References and Admission Interview

* In exceptional cases, professional experience and noteworthy career growth can waive these requirements. Please contact our office to discuss your options.

* For all Oxademy Entrepreneurship programmes applicant must agree to setup a real company during their course.

* Must be eligible for UK entry visa if attending on-campus programme.

* Applicants from an majority English speaking nationality, or those who have completed a UK Bachelors degree equivalent qualification (as conferred by NARIC) in a majority English speaking country will not be asked to provide an English Language Qualification, however confirmation may be requested that any teaching was undertaken in English. Please click here to check.



Admission Process

1. Speak to us to find out your best options
2. Submit the application form
3. Admission interview (Skype/Face-to-face)
4. Final decision communication

We employ a rolling admission process. The full process takes no longer than 2 weeks to complete.

Given the competitive nature and the limited number of spots in our programmes, we suggest that you begin the admissions process well before the programme begins. Admission is valid for two intakes.